Welcome to the world of smartmachine: Mobile solutions for ticketing, accreditation, couponing and marketing!

Since its foundation in 2005, smartmachine is a synonym for innovation in the areas of mobile ticketing and marketing, combined with state-of-the-art access control systems.
Event accreditation, couponing and loyalty, e.g. for customer clubs in retail stores, to be fully handled on the mobile phone, validation of mobile tickets and vouchers on modern and versatile self-service terminals - all this and much more can be provided for any phone, thanks to our wide range of services, anytime and anywhere worldwide!

smartmachine's solutions are also ready for the next generation. We are ready for NFC - the combination of the advantages of RFID technology and the ubiquitous mobile web access with our everyday, multifunctional companion through normal course of life: the mobile phone!

Selected partnerships with industry leading providers of ticketing-, CRM- and access management systems make sure you will get a best-of-breed turnkey solution - from a single point of contact!